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Aluminum-Zinc-Bronze Die Casting

200 to 2000 tons pressure and Gravity machines.

‚ÄčAluminum die casting process provides lightweight parts without sacrificing strength. Die cast parts have more surface finishing options and provide higher operating temperatures than non-ferrous materials. Aluminum castings are corrosion resistant, highly conductive with very good strength to weight ratio as well as stiffness qualities not found with other materials.

We make our own tooling to cut down on customer costs and lead times.

Investment Casting

This process is good for complex designs with no draft angle. This process is beneficial for lower volume quantities.

We use the lost wax process. Materials are stainless steel alloys, brass, aluminum and carbon steel. Lead times are generally much less for investment castings.


Our machine shop includes multiple 4 and 5 axis CNC milling machines, multi axis CNC lathes, aluminum, stainless and steel welding and finish grinding and multiple finish options.

Quality and Testing

Our quality is unsurpassed using the very latest in computerized measuring machines and chemical lab for testing incoming materials. We do wet and dry pressure testing for all CAC tanks.

Industries Served: Transportation, Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Industrial

TS and ISO Certified

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