Cost Saving Solutions for Manufacturing

Founded In 2004, Global Casting Partners Inc. began as a broker for aluminum castings. Within a few years we invested in and acquired an equity interest in the casting foundry.  For the next year after the merger we brought in production engineers, process control engineers and capitol equipment purchases were made.  Today our casting foundry is one of the most efficient and well managed in the industry for Automotive, Trucking, Agricultural Machinery, Construction and Earth Moving Machinery and Industrial Machinery.

We specialize in taking a product from concept to production and offer both offsite and onsite consigned inventory based on the customers production demand eliminating the need for customer maintained inventory. In addition, we work with both purchasing and engineering in order to better understand our customer’s requirements. Our larger accounts have found us to be an extension of their engineering and procurement efforts and being vertically integrated casting facility saves time, money and headaches for our customers.

  • On-site sales engineering services
  • On-site manufacturing expertise via APQP management
  • PPAP Validation
  • Reduced Lead Times for Tooling and Production
  • Consigned Inventory for Cost Savings and JIT delivery as required by Customer
  • Managed Inventory and Delivery Schedules
  • ISO/TS 16949 Certified
  • Provides substantial cost savings as a full service global supplier


We have a production area of 45,000 square meters with 33,000 square meters of workshop and office space. Our annual output can reach 3,500 T (about 2 Million Pieces).

Our casting processes include: Tooling shop, permanent mold casting, low pressure die casting, eight gravity cast machines as well as a full array of equipment including two hot-box core centers, shot blasting machines, a 35m six dip parts wash line and a fully equipped machine shop for after cast machining. We have over 30 sets of CNC machines with six 5 axis machining centers.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with your company on any current or future projects where custom castings are required.


Our Core Business - Cost Saving Solutions for Manufacturing

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